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Product Discontinuation of RM2200D

wichtig After an 8-year production period, the RM2200D mixing console, introduced in 2003, had been discontinued in December 2010.

The discontinuation concerns all devices (article numbers) starting with RM220-.

Further delivery is only possible if the modules are in stock or can be remanufactured. Please note that remanufacturing is neither provided for every type of module nor on short notice.

Please contact your DHD distributor or, if applicable, check the DHD.audio web shop for available modules, available spare parts and current stock status.



Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Conditions for the RM2200D2016-12-14T09:52:26+01:00

In the following you can find general information on the environmental conditions for an RM2200D. If the standard is not met, DHD cannot ensure the proper functionality of the device.

Operating temperature:
+5 … +35 ° Celsius
Relative air humidity:
20 … 85 %, not condensing

As for the mounting in a 19″ rack, you need to leave at least one height unit (44 mm) of space above and below the DSP frame to allow air circulation for cooling of the device. If there are more heat-emitting devices mounted in the rack and/or the DSP frame is equipped with many cards, you will need to leave accordingly more space for ventilation. Do not cover the perforated metal plates at bottom and top of the case. Also avoid operating devices which lose a lot of heat in direct vicinity of the DSP frame.

How to Connect to an RM2200D2018-12-21T12:27:38+01:00

To connect a RM2200D see section 5.8 of the RM2200D manual.

Is it possible to represent more than 4 ASCII characters in the fader channel display?2016-12-14T09:48:29+01:00

Every RM220-020D Fader Module of the RM2200D has a “4-character ASCII display” for each channel.

Modules with a larger number of ASCII characters for each fader channel are neither available, nor planned or feasible for the RM2200D.

Nevertheless, it is possible to define channel names with up to 16 characters in the PC software. The PC software shows up to 16 characters, depending on the number of faders and the resolution of your computer monitor. However, only the first 4 characters of these channel names will be used for the RM220-020D hardware panels.

Please use an additional PC monitor as extension if longer channel names are necessary.

What can I set via the Analog Control Inputs (ACIs) of the RM220-122 module?2016-12-14T09:47:54+01:00

Apart from the audio inputs and outputs and GPIOs, the RM220-122 module of the RM2200D also provides two analog control inputs (ACIs).
You can connect potentiometers directly to the ACIs to control the output level of the headphone outputs on the same module.

It is not possible to use these ACIs to control other functions.

Information on Configuring Fader Channel Delay2016-12-14T09:46:49+01:00

If an RM2200D DSP Frame is equipped with an RM220-951 Controller, the delay option can be used for all fader channels of the connected console. The number of delay channels has to be defined in the configuration software. It is recommended to configure the number of delay channels to be identical or higher than the number of connected fader strips. Please find the necessary assignment in the table below:

Number of Faders
Number of Delay Channels
                4                         4
                8                         8
               12                        16
               16                        16
Which fiber-optic cables can be used for the DHD MADI modules?2016-12-14T09:47:17+01:00

Please find all fiber-optic cables in the following PDF file, that are siutable to use with DHD MADI modules and which cable type can be used for the individual modules.

pdf Fiber Optic Cables





 pdf Bedienungsanleitung V3.x (DE)
10/11/2005,09:58 10.47 Mb

pdf Documentation V3.x (EN)
10/11/2005,09:40 12.34 Mb
Documentation for the RM2200D Version 3.x as PDF file to read offline.
pdf Kurzanleitung Firmware V3.x (DE) 18/04/2007,12:31 453.04 Kb

pdf Quickguide Firmware V3.x (EN)
18/04/2007,12:28 447.12 Kb
Short instructions how to upgrade your systems firmware to Version 3.x and how to logon as user. PDF file to read offline.
pdf Bedienungsanleitung V2.x (DE)
10/11/2005,09:58 10.47 Mbpdf Documentation V2.x (EN)
10/11/2005,09:40 12.34 Mb
Documentation for the RM2200D Version 2.x as PDF file to read offline.
pdf RM2200D Overview
04/06/2004,12:29 4.43 Mb
Basic overview of the RM2200D.


List of accessories
(English Version)
2015/05/18   1.88 Mb   (pdf)
I/O Modules Specifications
(English Version)
2010/03/19   3.71 Mb   (pdf)
DHD Fader Modules / Fader Types
(English Version)
2009/11/13   3 638 b   (zip)
Fiber Optic Cables for DHD MADI modules
(English Version)
2008/09/04   608 Kb   (pdf)
Declaration of Conformity
(English Version)
2007/05/21   8 543 b   (pdf)


zip RM2200D Setup
27/01/2010,13:09 3.53 Mb
Installer with all necessary software to run a RM2200D.
It includes the RM2200D Configuration Software, the Firmware and a default configuration file.

Please read the following quickguide, before updating the firmware of your device!

pdf Quickguide Firmware_V3.x 18/04/2007,12:28 447.12 Kb
zip RM2200D Firmware V03-01-06
27/01/2010,13:40 228.27 Kb
Current firmware update for the RM2200D.

Please Note:
If your system runs stable, no firmware update is needed!
zip Configuration example
11/04/2007,13:35 1.31 Kb
A default configuration file, used for setting up Consoles. Please note, that this file must NOT fit your individual hardware setup!

Installation Drawings

Following, you can find drawings of the frames and modules of the RM2200D Mixing Console. The drawings are packed in a ZIP file.
Please notice, that the following ZIP file is not updated regularly. Hence, it must not include all currently available frames and modules.
<!–You can find all drawings in the RM2200D List of Modules (online version), where you can download them separate by the different frames and modules. Furthermore, it is possible to download single drawings of the installation frames in the following.–>

RM2200D Drawings

2008/04/09   3.47 Mb   (zip)

rm220_f160 1x RM220-F160 DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f240 1x RM220-F240 DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f320 1x RM220-F320 DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f400 1x RM220-F400 DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f160_f240 1x RM220-F160
1x RM220-F240
DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f240f320 1x RM220-F560 DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f240_f320 1x RM220-F240
1x RM220-F320
DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f160_f400 1x RM220-F160
1x RM220-F400
DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f320f400 1x RM220-F320
1x RM220-F400
DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f320_f400 1x RM220-F320
1x RM220-F400
DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
rm220_f160f320_f240 1x RM220-F160
1x RM220-F320
1x RM220-F240
DWG File
DXF File
CAD Drawing (PDF File)
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