Made for All Broadcast Applications

Developed for the highest demands in radio and TV broadcast environments, the RX2 is perfect for modern workflows in on-air studios, main control rooms and OB vans.

A large 10.1″ touch display for each console section provides you with all options to configure a customised mixer layout with exactly those buttons, meters and settings you need. This makes daily onair production quick and easy.

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Maximum Flexibility

The RX2 modularity gives you the freedom to build a mixing desk that will just fit. This versatile console series ranges from compact sizes of 6 or 12 faders for smaller production units to big control-room consoles with up to 60 faders.

Flexible Labels for Central Controls

An outstanding feature are the switchable functions for the hardware buttons in the central section. With adaptive labels in the vertical display, it provides fast and tactile access to all important mixer functions, for example monitoring and talkback.

Versatile Control Modules with I/Os

The central module provides the most important audio I/Os. A microphone input and a headphones output are included, and you can also connect your loudspeakers directly to this unit, thus reducing necessary rack space and cabling work.

It’s all in the software

The RX2 is a flexible combination of audio processing modules (in the DSP core) and a number of control modules. This design allows you to customise a system for your particular application.

Just use the Toolbox9 software, which runs on a standard PC, to configure the RX2.

With the Toolbox9 you can:

  • define the structure and main functions of the system

  • assign functions to pushbuttons, rotary encoders and displays

  • create complex logic and control functions

  • design and integrate TFT touch displays

Once this configuration is completed, you can upload it to the system and start using it right away. If you need to change functions later on, you can do this any time.