Views App

The 52-8511 Views App displays TFT views of the mixing console on a common PC. It provides an exact presentation and provides control of the mixer.
This enables you to e.g. display complete mixer control views on the studio PC screens. You can also create specialised views for information purposes in the studio and display those on an extra-large screen.
If your PC monitor is a touchscreen, this feature is supported by the Views App.

Using the HTML5 based web version, you only need a modern web browser on any operating system. An integration into 3rd-party applications, such as playout systems, is also possible.

Software for routing, scheduling and monitoring

These PC software products allow structured routing of audio signals in DHD systems. For this, you can set crosspoints in a matrix view or in a list view.

Depending on the kind of licence you have, submatrices and timed automatic routing (scheduling) are supported. Employ the integrated user administration to assign individual access rights for every user.
All Series 52 mixing consoles and routers are supported.

The monitoring software represents selected signal sources as so-called monitoring buttons on the desktop. From these, the editor can select a source in order to route it to their workplace for recording or monitoring.

These monitoring buttons can be adjusted according to the required application. You can change number, size, colour and signal to be routed.