Connect everything

We translate our approach of maximum flexibility and modularity to the I/O side of the DHD system. We support the latest industry standards for audio signal exchange – everthing from standard analogue and digital interfaces over different multichannel solutions to completely IP-based audio networks.

Together with our well-established control signal interfaces you have all options to integrate the DHD products into your preferred infrastructure. You are not limited to a fixed amount of connections, but can add as many I/O boxes to the DHD system as required.

Audio-over-IP versatility

For advanced flexibility in device connectivity, each DHD Series 52 Core can be equipped with a XC2 AES67 RAVENNA Interface (52-7067A). Also a Dante™ Audio-over-IP interface (52-7080A) is available. With those you can use up to 64 channels of uncompressed bidirectional audio to connect to almost any other Audio-over-IP device like codecs or signal processors via a standard ethernet network.

And by the way – all 52/XC2 and 52/XS2 cores already include a 4ch-in and 4ch-out Dante™ interface.

Multichannel audio

Transmit dozens of signals over one single cable with the following solutions:

  • MADI/AES10 with 56/64 channels over fibre-optic cable
  • 3G/HD/SD SDI with 2×8 channels over coaxial cable
  • DHD APC with 48 channels over standard CAT5 cable
  • DHD Gigabit Audio with 512 channels over fibre-optic cable

Analogue and digital audio I/Os

Our high-quality digital and analogue modules allow you to connect your devices with classical I/Os:

  • Digital AES3/EBU XLR input/output with sample rate converters
  • Analogue line XLR input/output with up to 24 dBu
  • Microphone inputs, supporting individual switchable 48V phantom power
  • Headphone outputs

Control and logic exchange

There are several possibilities to get signals and logics in and out of the DHD system by means of

  • GPI and GPO (General Purpose Input/Output) via D-Sub
  • Ember+ Protocol via network
  • DHD External Protocol via network.