Contact Cyber Security
at DHD

Report a Security Vulnerability

At DHD we speak digital from our very beginning. With growing connectivity using IP networks, we understand the possible implications. Maintaining the safety and security of our products is important to us.

We appreciate any advice to identify potential unidentified security vulnerabilities so we can resolve them and keep our products up-to-date.

If you are a customer or security expert and believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in a DHD audio product or service, please report it to us.

To report a vulnerability, please send an e-mail to and include:

  • The product and firmware version you’re using
  • A system state of the core device
  • Describe the vulnerability as precisely as possible
  • Please don’t send sensitive information via e-mail. If necessary, contact us to arrange a secure way of sharing information and files.

If you have general questions concerning product security, do not use the e-mail address above. Contact DHD support.

Give us some time to check the information before we contact you.