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var map_fusion_map_5b2fde5a6a551; var markers = []; var counter = 0; var fusionMapNonce = '2d0e485c64'; function fusion_run_map_fusion_map_5b2fde5a6a551() { jQuery('#fusion_map_5b2fde5a6a551').fusion_maps({ addresses: [{"address":"Haferkornstra\u00dfe 5, 04129 Leipzig, Germany","infobox_content":", Haferkornstra\u00dfe 5, 04129 Leipzig, Germany","marker":"https:\/\/\/dhd-downloads\/dhd_dot.png","coordinates":false,"cache":true,"latitude":"51.35711000000001","longitude":"12.38447999999994"}], animations: true, infobox_background_color: '', infobox_styling: 'default', infobox_text_color: '', map_style: 'custom', map_type: 'terrain', marker_icon: '', overlay_color: '#8e8e8e', overlay_color_hsl: {"hue":0,"sat":0,"lum":56}, pan_control: true, show_address: false, scale_control: true, scrollwheel: true, zoom: 5, zoom_control: true, }); } google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', fusion_run_map_fusion_map_5b2fde5a6a551);

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