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Audio-over-IP versatility

For advanced flexibility in device connectivity, each DHD Series 52 Core can be equipped with a XC2 AES67 RAVENNA Interface (52-7067A). With this you can use up to 64 channels of uncompressed bidirectional audio to connect to almost any other Audio-over-IP device like codecs or signal processors via a standard ethernet network.

With full Ember+ integration, the configuration of the AES67 RAVENNA interface is also possible via Ember+-compliant software.

Control link – hardware remote control within the network

For controlling a remote console from your local mixing desk, you can use the 52-8589 Control Link feature.

With that you can connect your console, or only parts of it, to a core in another room or at a different location and take full control over its faders, buttons, encoders or TFT displays.

Neither the controlling desk nor the remote core needs to be in the same Toolbox project. Only a LAN connection is required to establish such a control link. Triggered by a logic event, for example a press of a button, the console connects to the remote core in the wink of an eye.