System Components
Mixing Consoles

Full control at your fingertips…

Our mixing consoles are the front end control devices of the Series 52 products. While our DSP cores are doing silently their processing work somewhere hidden in the machine room or in the studio, the mixing consoles provide full control over your desired workflow in every situation.

Depending on your requirements, you can decide the layout and function of every single channel strip with the Modular Mixer MX and the Versatile Mixer RX2 or work with the pre-configured layouts of the Compact Mixer SX2 and the Desktop Mixer DX2. Use the Touch Mixer TX as a flexible solution inside and outside of your studio.

Product range


The versatile
Mixing Console

Versatile Mixing Consoles for radio studios and TV broadcast.


The Compact Mixer

Compact Mixers that are pre-configured and ready to use.


The modular
mixing console

Modular Mixer for the complete range of mixing applications.


The touch of broadcast

Touch Mixing Console for news desks, editing suites and SNGs.


The Desktop Mixer

Desktop Mixer with four physical faders and a multitouch display.

Full customisation

Requirements differ significantly in broadcast. That is why we have developed our system to be as flexible and customisable as possible. In case of the MX system you can choose from over 30 different modules to configure your perfect console layout, be it for a 4-fader edit booth mixer, a 12-fader DJ desk or a 32-fader control room console. With our Toolbox configuration software you can set up your DHD console to match exactly your preferred workflow.

Key facts

  • Mixing desk is separate from DSP and I/O units to allow maximum flexibility

  • Durable, high-quality components made in Germany

  • From completly customizable to pre-configured control units

  • Optimized symbiosis of haptic control elements and touchscreen TFTs

  • Expandable at any time

  • Configuration by powerful Toolbox Windows software

  • Fanless devices for silent in-studio installations