January 25th, 2018|Security Advisory, Support|

Researchers have recently uncovered security issues known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”.
These issues apply to all modern processors and allow unauthorized attackers to gain read
access to parts of memory that were meant to be secret. To run a Spectre or Meltdown exploit,
the attacker must be able to run code on the victim’s processor.

As DHD Series 52 hardware itself is a closed environment, none of our hardware products
turned out to be vulnerable to attacks using Meltdown and Spectre. On DHD hardware products,
users are incapable to run any kind of unauthorized processes. All processes running on our
hardware systems are created by our developers and run in an environment in which
modifications are impossible. This is due to the fact that our filesystem is read only and our
kernel does not provide any possibility to use thirdparty software or scripts. Also, our ethernet
communication interface is restricted to a minimum of open ports.

Please be informed that we cannot make any statement concerning DHD software, e.g.
Toolbox8 configuration software or Operation Server and Operation Manager, being impacted
by Meltdownrelated and Spectrerelated updates of any thirdparty software or the operating
system. This particularly applies to MicrosoftWindowsbased systems.

As far as we know, Spectre and Meltdown patches may slow down systems up to 30 %. To
which extend an individual computer system is affected by this deceleration must be inquired at
the distributor of those systems. Again, this is especially essential with Microsoft products.

DHD recommends using systems fast enough to run our software. Our absolute minimum
system specifications for operating DHD software can be found in our support portal

One of DHD’s top priorities is the safety and reliability of our products. This is why we will
continue providing you with a product environment that is invulnerable to direct attacks.