February 21st, 2020|Support, Update|

Toolbox & Firmware Version 9.1 Released + New Hardware Revisions

As the new year is already at full speed, we’ve been busy doing the final work on version 9.1, which is just released. You can download the new Firmware & Toolbox from the DHD.audio support portal.

Top Features for Version 9.1

  • UTF8-Support to show Unicode characters on TFT displays for channel labels, global labels and buttons. This includes characters from languages like Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai and many more. Even emojis are supported ?
  • Web Apps 2 with a fresh clean look. They contain two new Web Apps: Snapshots App and Labels App. With Snapshots App you can easily load, save, upload and download snapshots, backups and more. With Labels App you can edit channel labels and global labels on the fly. No license required!
  • Enhanced Login Mechanism with username / password scheme improves security and management of a larger number of users.
  • Hot Configuration – no audio dropout when sending an updated configuration to the device if the audio system is not touched.
  • DHD REST API allows you to replace pictures, set labels, upload and load snapshots or login users. Requires license 52-8577.

Find a full list of new features and upgrade instructions here. From now on, current shipments will come with version 9.1. This is the latest release and should only be applied to systems that are currently being installed, in factory acceptance test or in a test phase.

New Hardware Revisions

We have released new hardware revisions of the following products:

  • 52-5614B
  • 52-5620B
  • 52-1156D
  • 52-4510C

The new hardware revisions contain a new TFT panel. For operation, the following minimum firmware versions are required:

  • Version 9.1.1
  • Version 9.0.18
  • Version 8.2.17
  • Version 8.1.52 (available soon)

You can download the updates from our DHD.audio support portal.


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