September 12th, 2019|Press Release|

September 12, 2019

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At the IBC in Amsterdam, DHD presents the current product line: mixing consoles RX2, SX2, 52/TX and 52/MX with many new software features that simplify the daily broadcast workflow and allows seamless integration in other systems.

These are the highlights:

Stream Redundancy is now available for all DHD mixing desks and routers with AES67 RAVENNA Interface (52-7067). This redundancy feature is realised according to SMPTE 2022-7 as Seamless Protection Switching (SPS). Alternatively, the number of streams can be doubled if no redundancy is required. This results in a total of 128 transmit and receive channels for this AES67 AoIP interface.

UTF-8 support allows showing Unicode characters on DHD TFT touch displays. This includes characters from languages such as Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai and many more. Those characters can be used for channel labels, global labels and buttons of any kind. You can now even use emoji, for example a telephone symbol in the channel name for representing a telephone hybrid line.

Auto Level Gain allows a presenter to simply press a button to automatically adjust the analogue gain value of a microphone. Thanks to this powerful feature, setting up a talk show with many guests will be as easy as never before.

New “Labels” and “Snapshots” WebApp for the DHD mixers will be available by the end of 2019. These browser-based applications allow platform-independent mixer controls without the need to install or maintain local software. With the Labels app, mixing console operators can change channel labels and global labels directly from a browser on a PC or a tablet. The new Snapshots app can be used to back up and restore your snapshots. Mixer and channel snapshots can be loaded and saved from a browser-based interface

DHD also released a new SX2 Bundle (52-1988), targeting professional podcast producers. As a growing number of programs is produced exclusively for podcasts, working with professional equipment becomes more important. The new SX2 Bundle includes a table-top 4-motorfader SX2 mixing desk (52-5614) featuring a microphone input, a headphones output and a stereo analogue output for monitoring speakers. Also part of the bundle is an XS2 IO core (52-1830) which is the processing unit of the mixer and has additional digital and analogue I/Os as well as special interfaces, for example a 4ch/4ch Dante interface and a stereo USB port for direct connection with a PC or Mac. This I/O core can be mounted directly under the table or into a rack, taking up only 1 rack unit.

IBC Stand: 8.B31 

About DHD:

DHD audio GmbH is developer and manufacturer of digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting. Our company and our products made in Germany have gained recognition with numerous satisfied customers in public and commercial broadcasters around the globe.

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