February 21st, 2023|Press Release, Use Case|

Saronno, Italy – Saronno-based regional broadcaster RadiOrizzonti has chosen latest-generation DHD DX2 audio mixing consoles as the control hub of a completely rebuilt production and live transmission studio. The project was supervised by broadcast systems integrator BVmedia.

“RadiOrizzonti is run as a not-for-profit social service by volunteers, many of whom join the organisation without prior technical experience. The channel managers were therefore keen to equip the new studio with a system that was genuinely operator friendly. We recommended a solution based on the DHD product range.

“After preliminary discussion and product demonstration,” RadiOrizzonti confirmed the DX2 desktop mixer as the ideal console for their needs. The channel’s staff were quick to appreciate that the DX2 is easy to set up and easy to use without constant-daily technical supervision. It allows them to control the station’s internal production resources and supervise the workflow linked to wider aspects of the transmission process. For this reason they have chosen a compact powerful and very functional mixer which allows automation of the processes behind the daily routine of radio broadcasting.

“Following customer discussion with our two internal DHD specialists, Marco Sacchi and Marco Ferrè, we configured a DX2-based system to allow highly efficient on-air operation. The need for user training was reduced to an absolute minimum. The installed system makes full use of automation. It is controlled by a DHD core matrix with three additional cores linked to all five DX2 mixer panels at the production site. This comprises an on-air studio for a 90 percent live talk show plus two production studios which are assigned to podcast creation and multiformat recording.

“We recommended adopting an audio-over-IP solution as an integral part of the rebuild as it simplified cables and audio routing. With three optical fibre links and a network of LAN cables, Audinate Dante solves the problems of audio routing and distribution. No more XLR connectors, analog cables or audio transport errors. The XC3 cores can carry up to 1,024 channels on just one data cable. Analog cables are only needed for local monitoring and headphone signals distribution.”

“The RadiOrizzonti project is further confirmation of the operational ease which our products are designed to provide,” adds Christoph Gottert, DHD’s Head of International Sales. “BVMedia CEO Roberto Bellotti and his team continue to set an excellent example of efficient client liaison both in their understanding of the DHD product range and in promoting the efficiency of IP audio networking.”

The DHD DX2 is compact desktop audio mixer designed for use wherever space is at a premium. Applications include video editing booths, news commentary suites, OB trucks and podcast studios. It is based on the 52-1214A four-fader central module plus the 52-1220A six-fader expansion unit, both of which are robustly built to withstand round-the-clock operation. The maximum number of faders is determined by the capabilities of the connected core.

Four faders plus a dedicated section for setup, monitoring and talkback are incorporated in the 52-1214A central module. Connectivity features include a broadcast quality XLR microphone input, right and left line outputs to feed active loudspeakers, a 6.3 mm jack stereo headphone output plus a 3.5 mm mini jack input port which allows direct audio insertion from a smartphone for live telephone interviews.

The 52-1220A fader module has six professional grade 100 mm motorised faders with dust-protection. Each channel also incorporates two control buttons, a UTF8-supported channel identifier, adjustable gain settings, an input channel meter and programme/off-air selection. Each fader can support a second layer. Dedicated potentiometers are provided for headphone and loudspeaker level.

Both DX2 modules are equipped with a user-configurable 7.8 inch multi-touch screen for viewing fader and central control parameters. Optional Assist App 52-8512 can be used to control the mixer via a 1:1 copy directly from any browser. The DX2 can be connected to all DHD XC3 and XD3 cores. It integrates easily with Series 52 I/O modules such as Dante or AES67 audio over IP interfaces, 3G/HD SDI embedder/de-embedder, MADI or DHD APC audio.

Radiorizzonti (www.radiorizzonti.org) was founded in 1987 and began broadcasting from studios in Piazza Libertà, Saronno, in June of the same year. It has continuously expanded its function and its ability to penetrate the social fabric. In 2004, Radiorizzonti was awarded the ‘La Ciocchina’ civic honour by the municipal administration, presented each year to deserving people or associations in the community. The channel also partners with the satellite broadcaster inBlu, a network with approximately 200 local radio stations located across Italy. InBlu rebroadcasts informational, musical and educational programmes during various time slots.

BVmedia SRL (www.BVmedia.it), based in Milan, was established in 2010. It offers products, solutions and services to the radio broadcasting, television and new media markets. Its engineering team is composed entirely by professionals with a combined 30 years experience. The company offers first-hand expertise of providing technical support to radio and television stations, helping identify and acquire important partnerships with the industry’s best brands. Customer trust in BVmedia is a priceless heritage which continues to grow in value. Obsession with perfection is the company’s guarantee.

DHD.audio GmbH (www.dhd-audio.com) develops and produces digital audio studio equipment and systems for professional applications in broadcast control rooms, DJ-operated radio studios, OB trucks, SNG vans, ingest stations and edit suites. DHD also produces routing and talkback matrices, audio-over-IP interfaces and supporting software. DHD devices can be operated directly or under IP networked control. Designed and manufactured in Germany, DHD products are used successfully by broadcasters around the globe.

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Accompanying images show the five DHD desktop mixing panels newly integrated into Italian regional radio broadcaster Radiorizzonti.