Compact mixer – powerful features

The 52/SX is a modular compact mixing console for radio and TV. The price-optimised mixer is ideal for On-Air studios, audio workstations and smaller OB vans.

The console consists of 4, 8, 12, or 16 faders, and of a central control section that includes talkback microphone, loudspeaker, and a 7″ TFT touch display. 52/SX consoles are available in flat or angled versions, with split options.

Simplified Configuration Software

It complements DHD’s 52/MX and 52/RX product lines. The 52/SX is based on the same Series 52 firmware platform. It can be configured with a simplified version of the Toolbox8 software called ‘SXConfig‘. The 52/SX can be extended to allow seamless networking with other Series 52 products, including DSP Control Software and Remote Control PC Software.

Ready to Use TFT Views

Brilliant multitouch IPS Display with flexible pages for Main, EQ, Dynamics, Input Settings, Snapshot Management.

Main View (Bright)

Main View (Dark)

Input Settings

EQ Settings

AUX Settings

AUX Master

Included Fader Channel Features

  • Encoder for channel settings, Gain, Input, AUX level

  • Program bus push buttons

  • Aux bus status indicators

  • Channel select push buttons, access to central section

  • PFL / CUE push buttons

  • Channel ON status light bar

  • OLED displays for 16-character channel names, encoder function, DSP function icons, and input level indicators, 160° viewing angle

  • Professional high-grade 100 mm conductive plastic faders

  • On/Off push buttons

  • Professional push buttons with silent 4 mm travel and multi-colour LEDs

Included Central Unit Features

  • Pre-listening & talkback speaker with built-in amp

  • Encoder section for control of EQs, dynamics, other settings

  • Flexible encoder & OLED display section for additional volume control and monitor selectors, studio monitor control supported

  • General purpose push buttons

  • Talkback microphone with built-in preamp

  • Monitor selector, expanded by touch-display selector

  • Professional high-grade volume potentiometers

  • Talkback push buttons

DSP power and connectivity

The 52/XS2 Core 52-1810 can be used with 52/SX control modules. It is designed to work with a standard configuration for On-Air studios with up to 16 faders.

The built-in 4ch/4ch Dante™ interface is the solution for simple playout and recording tasks, monitoring or talkback. Together with a 52-1335 Multi I/O Box it features microphone, headphone, analogue line, digital inputs and outputs (AES3, S/PDIF, USB audio), MADI, APC and Gigabit audio interfaces.

The cabling between fader units, central section, DSP units and I/O units is realised solely via Ethernet (DHDs APC technology), thus allowing the usage of the commonly used CAT cabling systems.

52/SX Modules