December 14th, 2016||

Every DHD software application which exchanges data with a device or a software, needs the DHD Communication Server (DHDCS) for this communication. This software administrates the entire communication between DHD systems in the network and the related applications on the PC. Each DHD application in the following list contains an entity of the DHDCS, which is extracted on the start of the application, in case no DHDCS or an older version of the DHDOS is installed on the PC:

  • Toolbox5
  • Toolbox4
  • Toolbox45
  • DHD Operation Server (DHDOS)
  • DHD Maintenance (DHDMT)
  • RM420-015 TFTConfig
  • RM420-550 Routing Software
  • RM420-552 Setup Manager
  • RM420-553 Remote Control Software
  • RM420-555 Bus Assign
  • RM420-556 Fader Label Changer

(This list is not being updated and might be incomplete!)

After extraction, first the DHDCS is started and afterwards the actual application starts. On exiting the application, the DHDCS is closed automatically.

The DHDCS is only working correct automatically if the logged-in Windows user holds administrative rights for the PC on which one or several of the applications mentioned above are running.
Please follow these steps to get the DHDCS working correctly for other users:

  • Log in as administrator at the respective workstation (Windows Login).
  • Create an empty folder (e.g. C:\DHDCS).
  • Copy the “DHDCS.exe” file into this directory and run it manually from there once. This will bind the DHDCS to the directory.
  • Give full access rights for this directory and the DHDCS.exe to all users working with the above mentioned DHD software applications.

Since the DHDCS version 1.90.13 it is possible to run the DHDCS as non-administrator. However, this is not recommended, because in this case the DHDCS is not able to send Ping messages into the network and this can cause problems concerning the establishment and monitoring of TCP/IP connections.

Until further notice DHD recommends to use PCs with Microsoft Windows XP to operate DHD software products.