December 14th, 2016||

In the following you can find general information on the environmental conditions for an RM2200D. If the standard is not met, DHD cannot ensure the proper functionality of the device.

Operating temperature:
+5 … +35 ° Celsius
Relative air humidity:
20 … 85 %, not condensing

As for the mounting in a 19″ rack, you need to leave at least one height unit (44 mm) of space above and below the DSP frame to allow air circulation for cooling of the device. If there are more heat-emitting devices mounted in the rack and/or the DSP frame is equipped with many cards, you will need to leave accordingly more space for ventilation. Do not cover the perforated metal plates at bottom and top of the case. Also avoid operating devices which lose a lot of heat in direct vicinity of the DSP frame.