December 14th, 2016||

The faders (Penny & Giles PGFM3200/-/M/-/E/I/Z/X, Specification D460667) of the modules RM420-020MW and RM420-029MW need to be calibrated. This is already done by DHD during the manufacturing process.

Calibrating is especially important after changing the faders of the modules RM420-020M and RM420-029M from “plastic” faders (Penny & Giles PGFM8100/D/M/—-/F, Specification D468105) to “metal” faders (Penny & Giles PGFM3200/-/M/-/E/I/Z/X, Specification D460667).

Proceed as follows for calibration of the fader modules:

  • Move all faders of the respective module to 0dB (as accurately as possible).
  • Open the Toolbox4* configuration software.

[* Calibrating will be possible in Toolbox5 in another way soon.]

  • Press the F7 key or choose the entry Maintenance of the View menu to open the maintenance window.
  • Select the desired module in the list on the left-hand side of the maintenance window.
  • Choose the entry Send CAN Block of the Protocol menu.
  • Find out the serial number of the processor module.

The serial number of the processor module can be found in the maintenance window behind each module, identified by PN:. In this example it is “12783” for the chosen module.


This decimal number needs to be converted in a hexadecimal number. E.g.: decimal 12783 = hexadecimal 31EF.

  • Enter the following command: 01ED[processor module serial number as HEX number],5 and click on Send. For the chosen module of this example, the command results as following: 01ED31EF,5.