Maximum flexibilty – easy to use

A small but easy-to-use system for journalists or editors that will make daily work quick and comfortable.

While news are produced, or dubbings recorded, or telephone interviews edited, the touch screen shows only the required task-related control elements and information each. This enables staff, independently of technical background, to produce high-quality content as fast as possible.

With the powerful Toolbox8 configuration software you can define exactly which functions your device should serve/execute.

Specialised Functions

  • Headset connectors directly in the desktop unit for direct connectivity

  • Task-based user interface with easy-to-use layout

  • Integration of PC software via Ember+, DHD External Control Protocol or GPIO

  • Only 1 RU for DSP and all important audio interfaces

  • Automix and auto gain for relaxed telephone interviews

  • Built-in mic and speaker for talkback to studio or technicians

All connections in one housing

The 52/XS2 I/O Core 52-1830 combines DSP processing for up to 8 faders and I/O interfaces in one housing. In only 1 rack unit you find the audio interfaces that are required for journalist desks, edit booths or small production studios.

Easy connectivity is the strong point of the 52/XS2 I/O Core. Microphones, headphones, line and AES3 signals can be connected to standard XLR ports. Also USB audio, Toslink connectors for ADAT or S/PDIF  and a 4ch/4ch Dante™ Audio-over-IP interface are included. Additionally, multi-channel options for AES67,  MADI, and Gigabit Audio are available.

Interface Input ports Output ports
Microphone / Line 2
Headphones 1
Analogue Line, balanced 2 4
Analogue Line, unbalanced 2 2
AES3 /EBU (stereo) 3 3
S/PDIF (stereo) or ADAT (8 ch) 1 1
USB (stereo) 1 1
Dante™ AoIP (4 ch) 1 1
General-purpose (GPIO) 2 4

Example Configuration