ember_plusThe Ember+ protocol is available in the DHD Firmware since December 2014 for every DHD Mixing Console. The implementation was realised as controlled device – the so-called Ember+ provider.
The following functions are currently featured:

  • Receiving 50 GPIs per mixing console via Ember+.
  • Sending 50 GPOs per mixing console via Ember+.
  • receiving and sending global labels, for example to change labels of DHD fader channels or send text messages to a TFT screen.
  • Controlling fader levels.
  • Audio Routing

Note: The  Ember+ data are received and sent directly by the controller of the DSP Frame or respectively of the DSP Core for each mixing console. An interfacing PC is not necessary. This also means that the Ember+ interface is not being implemented via the DHD Operation Server.

The data transmission is realised via TCP/IP. The DHD system has to be connected by suitable network technology with the controlling system – the Ember+-Consumer – in order to allow thisTCP/IP data transmission.

The Ember+ implementation has been tested with the Ember+ Viewer and with VSM (Virtual Studio Manager).