All-in-one Console

The compact 52/DX Desktop Mixer can be used for On-Air, in the OB van, for news, edit and ingest Stations. Due to the professional DHD design with its 4 faders, a TFT touch display, and a 1U DSP and I/O unit, it can be used in every radio and TV environment.

To install the 52/DX, just put it on the table. No need to cut holes in the furniture – you can start using the mixer immediately.


  • Compact desktop control unit and 1U rack unit linked with standard CAT cabling

  • 100-mm faders, 7” multitouch TFT display

  • Sturdy mechanical design built for 24/7 use

  • Two potentiometers for monitoring levels

  • 4 colored encoders for direct control of channel settings or as TFT encoders for EQ, compressor and Aux levels

  • Low power consumption, power supplies with Energy Efficiency Level V

Intuitive-touch user interface

Each 52/DX console is equipped with a 7-inch multitouch IPS Display showing brilliant colors from all viewing angles.

Choose from a large variety of main views for different purposes which can be selected in the DXConfig software. Also, pre-configured pages for EQ, dynamics, input settings, snapshot management and AUX will be delivered with each console.

Main View (Bright)

Main View (Dark)

Input Settings

EQ Settings

Compressor Settings

General Settings

Perfect partner for connectivity

The 52‑1830 DSP Core provides I/Os for microphones, analogue and digital signals and USB and GPIO – even a 4ch/4ch Dante™ interface is built in.

You can connect the 52/DX Control Unit to all 52/XS2, 52/XC2 and 52/XD2 cores. It works with Series-52 I/O modules like the Dante AoIP module, 3G/HD SDI Deembedder, MADI or DHD Gigabit Audio. This way, it is easy to integrate the 52/DX with other Series-52 setups.

The optional DHD products DSP Control Software and Remote Control PC Software work with the 52/DX, too.

Ready to go with the 52/DX Bundle

The 52/DX console is also available as bundle (52-1991). When ordering a bundle, you will benefit from permanent availability from stock and from a very attractive package price.

A 52/DX Bundle is a complete 4-fader mixing console for broadcast applications. The package contains:

  • 52/DX 4-Fader Desktop Mixer (52-1114B)
  • 52/XS2 I/O Core (52-1830A)
  • Power Supply 48V (52-1948B)

The 52/DX Bundle also includes the easy-to-use DXConfig software (Windows program) for setting up the 52/DX hardware.

Upgrade possibilities

If you want to use advanced functions with the 52/DX hardware – like custom TFT views or functions available in other Series-52 products – you can purchase the optional ‘Extended Feature Upgrade’ (52-1950). This licence upgrade enables the full custom configuration of the 52/DX hardware with the Toolbox8 software known from the 52/MX system.