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52/XS2 - Compact Core

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The compact cores for simple setups

The 52/XS2 DSP cores are the choice for smaller On-Air studios, university radio stations or journalist booths.

The compact 1U DSP cores are independent DSP systems which do not require a PC for operation. There are neither fans, hard discs nor batteries inside the 52/XS2 Cores – this allows silent and low-maintenance operation directly in the studio.

These cores will be configured with a simplified version of the Toolbox8 software called ‘SXConfig‘.

52-1810 DSP core

  • 11 (16*) summing busses(PGM, AUX, N-1, PFL)
  • 6 mix-minus busses
  • 8 APC ports

52-1830 DSP and I/O core

  • 11 (16*) summing busses(PGM, AUX, N-1, PFL)
  • 6 mix-minus busses
  • 4 APC ports

All values are maximum values, availability depends on number and type of used features. Click here for detailed list of features.

Extendable features for individual requirements

The 52-1950 Extended Feature Upgrade licence allows to use the Tollbox8 for detailed configuration and creation of specialised TFT views.

The 52/XS2 Core can also be extended to allow seamless networking with other Series 52 products, including DSP control software and remote control PC software.

Made for Everyday Radio Programme

The 52/XS2 Core 52-1810 is the perfect DSP unit to be used with 52/SX control modules. It is designed to work with a standard configuration for On-Air studios with up to 16 faders.

Besides the control modules you can connect 52/XS Multi-I/O Boxes and other 52/XC I/O modules to build a modular DSP and I/O system requiring only 1 U or 2 U rack space.

This compact DSP and I/O system may consist of microphone inputs, headphone outputs, analogue line ins and line outs, digital inputs and outputs (AES3/EBU, SPDIF, USB audio), AES67 or Dante™ Audio over IP, MADI and Gigabit audio interfaces with 512 inputs and 512 outputs.

All connections in one housing

The 52/XS2 I/O Core 52-1830 combines DSP processing for up to 8 faders and I/O interfaces in one housing. In only 1 rack unit, you find the audio interfaces that are required for journalist desks, edit booths or small production studios.

Easy connectivity is the strong point of the 52/XS2 I/O Core. Microphones, Headphones, Line and AES3 signals can be connected to standard XLR ports. Also USB audio, Toslink connectors for ADAT or S/PDIF  and a 4ch/4ch Dante™ Audio-over-IP interface are included. Additionally, multi-channel options for MADI, Gigabit Audio and AES67 are available.

Interface Input ports Output ports
Microphone / Line 2
Headphones 1
Analogue Line, balanced 2 4
Analogue Line, unbalanced 2 2
AES3 /EBU (stereo) 3 3
S/PDIF (stereo) or ADAT (8 ch) 1 1
USB (stereo) 1 1
Dante™ AoIP (4 ch) 1 1
General-purpose (GPIO) 2 4

Packed with features

  • High-performance 40-bit floating-point digital signal processing

  • 3-band fully parametric equalizers, subsonic filter, dynamics, limiter, channel delay, mono or stereo

  • 16 stereo summing busses, Aux busses, clean feeds and PFL

  • 6 clean feeds (mix-minus, mono or stereo)

  • 4 monitoring busses for control room and studio support

  • flexible talkback, logic and GPIO system

  • integrated routing matrix

  • internal tone generator

  • low-latency interconnection between 52/XS2 cores or to other DHD products via Gigabit Audio (fibre, 512 input and 512 output channels) or APC (CAT 5/6, 48 input and 48 output channels)

  • Built-in Dante interface with 4ch/4ch, additional option for 64ch/64ch Dante AoIP

  • internal or external 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz sync

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