Suitable for every studio

The 52/XC2 Core can manage any task in your broadcast studio. This includes small DJ-operated studios with 12 faders or even larger control desks in a complex studio environment with up to 44 faders.

Different device types with different feature sets allow a system that is perfectly fitted to your application and budget.

52-7420 + DSP Card 52-7460

44Faders (stereo)
  • 40 summing busses(PGM, AUX, N-1, PFL)
  • 24 mix-minus busses
  • 4 virtual mixers


24Faders (stereo)
  • 32 summing busses(PGM, AUX, N-1, PFL)
  • 16 mix-minus busses
  • 4 virtual mixers


16Faders (stereo)
  • 16 summing busses(PGM, AUX, N-1, PFL)
  • 6 mix-minus busses
  • 1 virtual mixer

All values are maximum values, availability depends on number and type of used features. Click here for detailed list of features.

Toolbox 8 – system configuration software

The flexibility of the 52/XC2 Cores is mainly based on the Toolbox8 configuration software. All your ideas and requirements for certain functions will be defined during a configuration process typically done by DHD or by your system integrator. This configuration is what will make your system work. However, if you need to change it later, just use the Toolbox8 software again.

Future-proof by optional feature upgrades

By adding software licences, you can for example increase the number of logic functions, peak meters or add channel delay. By adding an additional DSP card, you can get more processing power for fader processings or additional loudness meters.

Control options

DHD provides special PC software for remote control, routing, scheduling and monitoring.

Third-party systems, too, can interface with DHD products via Ethernet by using Ember+ or the open DHD External Control Protocol. Or just use GPIOs or a serial connection.

Easy cabling

The 52/XC2 and 52/XD2 Cores and the 52/XC2 Concentrator provide common RJ45 ports for the connection of control modules and I/O boxes. Here, standard CAT cables are used, carrying Audio, Power and Control signals in the same cable – DHD’s APC technology.

Thus, your setup benefits from the advantages of common CAT cabling infrastructure which allows you to place I/O boxes and control modules anywhere you need them.

High performance – Low power consumption

Its small size of only 1 rack unit and low power consumption of only 15 W makes it perfect also for use in OB vans and SNGs.

Power consumption of other systems
Typical DHD system power consumption

52/XC2 Modules